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We develop mutually beneficial relationships with our partner suppliers by working together with common goals and expectations. Find the documentation and forms you need below.

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Supplier Portal


Go to Supplier Portal

To register for access to Supplier Portal, please select the appropriate business unit. View the user guides if you have questions on registration:


ODL Supplier Forms

Master Service Agreement (FCOR-002)
ODL Packaging Data Form (FSCM-001)
ODL Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire (FPUR-008)
ODL Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (FPUR-010)
ODL Credit Reference Form
US Dollar ACH Supplier Enrollment Form (U.S. only)
W9 Form Western Reflections (U.S. Only)
Canada Eng. & French Supplier Information Form (Canada only)
Canada W8 form (Canada only)
Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) - 8D Problem Solving (FQA-044)
Tooling and Fixture Quotation Sheet
Supplier Process/Material Change Request Form (FPUR-001)
Confidentiality and Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (FCOR-003)
Advanced Sourcing Feasibility Assessment (FPUR-007)
ODL Supplier Competency Appraisal (FPUR-005)
ODL Supplier Code of Conduct
WR-VDO References
W9 Form (U.S. Only)
W9 Form Zabitat (U.S. Only)
Canadian Dollar ACH Enrollment Form (Canada only)
ODL Supplier Statement of Work (FPUR-006)
ODL Supplier Quality Systems Self-Assessment (FQA-042)
RFQ File 2018 Proposal-20210830

EDI Documentation

ODL 810 Specification v004010
ODL 850 Specification v004010
ODL 855 Specification v004010
ODL 856 Specification v004010
ODL 850 and 810 Sample File Markups
ODL 850 Sample
ODL 855 Sample
ODL 855 Sample

Supplier Portal User Guides

Introduction to the Supplier Portal
Registering for a supplier account
Uploading an ASN
Managing agreements
Managing schedules
Managing shipments
Viewing payments
Frequently asked questions about the Supplier Portal
Creating an ASN
Creating and viewing an invoice
Managing orders
Managing supplier registration and user profile
Viewing a receipt
Viewing a return user

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