Enclosed Blinds

Blinds enclosed between glass give you privacy and light control without dangling cords and endless dusting.


Color Collection: Silver Moon

Our Silver Moon blinds with matching operator and privacy channel add a little something to your doors that's both sleek and neutral.


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Blink Entry Doorglass

Blink Entry Doorglass brings an updated look, feel and finish to your entryway while keeping the..

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Enclosed Blinds Color Collection

In keeping with ODL's attention to style and design, we are introducing four colors of Enclosed..

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Light-Touch® Enclosed Blinds

No detail has been overlooked in our line of Light-Touch Enclosed Blinds. The ergonomically..

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Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds with Grilles Between Glass (GBG)

These enclosed blinds are a perfect choice for people who value energy savings and quiet. The..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom sizes available?

Custom sizes of enclosed blinds are available through Blink® Blinds+Glass.

Are ODL Enclosed Blinds energy efficient?

Thermally sealed door glass adds up to energy savings by reducing heat loss in the winter and solar heat gain in the summer. Available as an option, Low-E glass reduces heating and cooling costs, protects fabrics and carpets from fading, and reduces condensation.

What sort of regular maintenance is required for ODL Enclosed Blinds?

Hardly any at all. ODL Enclosed Blinds are sealed between glass to eliminate dusting, tangled cords and damage to blind slats.

Is Low-E glass available on ODL Enclosed Blinds?

Yes, Low-E glass is available on most sizes. Refer to either the Light-Touch® Enclosed Blinds or Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds with Grilles Between Glass product pages for specific size availability.

Can the frames of ODL Enclosed Blinds be painted or stained?

Yes, paintable and stainable frames are available. To paint or stain white frames, an adhesion promoter is required; oak frames are ready as is for either paint or stain.

Do ODL Enclosed Blinds come with a warranty? How do I make a claim?

Enclosed Blinds come with a 20-year warranty. Any claims should be submitted in writing via email, or mailed to:

ODL, Inc.
Attn: Warranty Claims
215 East Roosevelt
Zeeland MI 49464


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