Dialogue Layered Glass®

Layered glass with ceramic frit patterns takes on a personality of its own as the layers move and interact with light.
Dialogue Layered Glass™

Playful interaction and dynamic privacy

Dialogue takes on a personality of its own as layers of glass interact with one another, with light, and with movement. Each of the line's six ceramic frit patterns change form and move as light or a person's vantage point changes. Patterns come to life, shapes are revealed, and shadows dance as light and movement engage in a dialogue with the glass. Dialogue Layered Glass creates dynamic privacy that changes, just as the doorglass patterns do, with light and proximity.

Subtle beauty and a surprising twist

Dialogue complements a range of architectural styles and design aesthetics with doorglass patterns offering privacy and translucence. Principal designers, Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton, from the industrial design firm Observatory, created each of Dialogue's designs with a subtle pattern on the outer glass layer that allows the home's architecture to take center stage while the interior layer features a bolder, pronounced pattern.


Banter's small-scale pattern of overlapping diagonal lines creates a woven design that zig-zags..

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Appealing to both mid-modern and modern design sensibilities, Brainstorm's exterior vertical..

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A repetitive pattern of dots and lines creates a doorglass design that reads as a texture...

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What at first appears to be cut glass is a stencil design that hints of keyhole arches common in..

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Repartee's frosted layers and geometric grid combine for a design that plays with opacity and..

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Refined and graceful, Whisper introduces calligraphy to a front door. The scrolled patterns and..

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