For aluminum and PVC impact-rated frames and screw covers. Meets Florida Building Commission (FBC) component approval, FL14935-R4

Keystone PVC Frame



1. Remove Protective Film immediately after installing the frame in the door.

2. Frame does not NEED to be painted.


Painting this frame a dark color and/or installing behind a storm door can cause heat damage not covered by the warranty.


Surface Preparation: The frame can be prepared by lightly roughing up the surface with a 220 grit sandpaper. Wipe all dust or debris off the surface with a damp rag. Inspect the frame for any remaining glossy parts. The frame should be dry and acclimated to room temperature before applying paint. No further surface preparation is necessary for finishing. Alternatively, the frame can be prepared with an acetone wipe in place of the sanding.

Caution: Solvents should not come in contact with seals or sealants as this may degrade the seal.

Application: Using an exterior siding paint, apply thin coats, allowing paint to dry between coats for the desired coverage and finish. Follow paint manufacturer's instructions.


Surface preparation: The frame should be prepared by wiping the surface with an acetone wipe. Care should be taken to avoid the acetone contacting the seal material.

Caution: Solvents should not come in contact with seals or sealants as this may degrade the seal.

Application: Using an exterior gel stain, apply it to the surface of the frame, allowing the coat to soak into the material. Wipe excess stain for the desired finish. The stain manufacturer's instructions may differ or provide additional information. Please follow their instructions.

After the stain has dried, apply an exterior, water-based top coat to protect the finish.

Severe Weather Aluminum Frame



This frame features a white powder coat paint that meets AAMA 2604 and salt spray requirements. This frame does not require painting. Painting of this frame voids any finish warranty.


Touch Up

Use touch-up paint to cover small scratches or nicks. Available from ODL in spray cans: use part number 15915100.


Acetone based cleaning products must NOT come into contact with the frame weather seals, as they can degrade the seal.

If you choose to paint this frame

Surface Preparation

Prepare the surface scuffing both the frame and the screw covers with 120-180 grit sandpaper for proper paint adhesion.

Frame: Use uniform movements. DO NOT expose aluminum. Clean the surface with denatured alcohol. The frame should be free of any dust or debris before painting.

Screw Covers: Scuff the flat side of the cover by moving the cover in a circular motion for 5 seconds on the flat sandpaper. Wipe the debris off the cover. The cover will have a matte finish when it is properly scuffed.


The frame and screw cover are designed to accept an exterior grade alkyd paint as a top coat.

Frame: If acrylic paint is used, an adhesion promoting primer will provide increased paint adhesion. Apply thin coats, allowing paint to dry between coats to achieve the desired coverage and finish. Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions.

When painting the frame, a thin piece of cardboard between glass and outer frame is recommended to prevent paint seepage. This seepage can look unsightly from the back side of the glass.

Screw Covers: For best results, use an alkyd paint. Latex and acrylic paint may be used, but do not have as high an adhesion rating as alkyd paint. Do not use adhesion promoter.

If paint is still not adhering properly to the covers, please contact customer service for non-pigmented covers (part number 26731024 available in a bag of 24.)


Other frame finishing instructions

Paint or Stain

For frames made with FiberPRO®, FiberMate® and FiberMate Plus® materials.

Maintenance Free

For frames made with High Performance (HP®) material.


For frames made with plastic/vinyl material.

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