Decorative Styles


Create Curb Appeal and an Inviting Front Entry

A beautifully designed entry sets the stage for the rest of the home. It tells the world something about who you are. And creates a welcoming passage from public space to private abode. Nothing does that better than handcrafted door glass. It's a wise investment that improves the look and value of your home and adds beauty to everyday living.

With styles including Contemporary, Classic, Craftsman, and Old World, we have the style that's just right for your entry door and your home.

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Playful interaction and dynamic privacy.


Playful interaction and dynamic privacy
Dialogue takes on a personality of its own as layers of glass interact with one another, with light, and with movement. Each of the line's six ceramic frit patterns change form and move as light or a person's vantage point changes. Patterns come to life, shapes are revealed, and shadows dance as light and movement engage in a dialogue with the glass. Dialogue Layered Glass™ creates dynamic privacy that changes, just as the doorglass patterns do, with light and proximity.

Subtle beauty and a surprising twist
Dialogue complements a range of architectural styles and design aesthetics with doorglass patterns offering privacy and translucence. Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton, principals of industrial design firm Observatory, created each of Dialogue's designs with an etched, subtle pattern on the outer glass layer that allows the home's architecture to take center stage while the interior layer features a bolder, pronounced pattern.

Repartee layered glass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Dialogue Layered Glass - Repartee


ODL's Destination line reflects the trends we are seeing in home design and entry door/doorglass preferences. Four doorglass styles have higher levels of privacy, and each offers a unique minimalist design. Unique because your home and your style are your own. Just like the destination that draws you to it.


Trends in home design and architecture, including entryway and door designs, show an increasing desire for minimalist styles. People are looking for clean and simple doorglass options with both linear and organic patterns. They desire doorglass designs that offers both visual privacy and access to natural light. Destination doorglass patterns offer a balance of the two; they filter glass for privacy without filtering light.

Though trends in home design change over time, one thing stays the same: A person's home is their sanctuary. It's the place where you can shake off a busy day, relax with a book, and welcome family and friends; where you are surrounded by things that make you feel good, that reflect who you are. Home is the place you want to be, your favorite destination.

Destination doorglass for entry doors makes coming home just a little nicer.

Parkway doorglass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Destination - Parkway


ODL considered views and viewpoints from around the world as we designed our Perspectives line. Textures, colors, patterns, terrain, objects, cultural influences—all led to this diverse collection of privacy glass styles for your entry door.


Striking the right balance between privacy and security for your home's entry and a desired level of natural light can be tricky. Move the scale too far to one side and you end up with a dark entryway. Move it too far to the other and you end up with too much visibility into your home. Privacy glass offers a balance of the two. It filters glass for privacy without filtering light.

Each of Perspectives' eight styles brings a unique perspective to your door and home. Each offers an understated, minimalist approach to doorglass design. Each provides textures and patterns that create privacy. And all give you what only glass can: a dynamic and beautiful play of shadow and light.

Vapor doorglass design
ODL textured door glass styles - Perspectives


Authentic design for the architectural enthusiast™

Mid-Century Modern

Trends come and go. Good design lasts. As do good memories. Of homes you grew up in. Of architectural styles you've admired. Spotlights doorglass, from ODL, celebrates the best of your design history.

Architectural style is what gives a home character. The charm of bungalows. The geometric patterns of mid-century minimalism. History revisited in Georgian revivals and Colonials. The horizontal stretch of ranch homes and the vertical stack of bi-levels and tri-levels.

Because you're inspired by your home's architecture or the vision of the one you're building, Spotlights doorglass is for you. It's the finishing touch for the discerning homeowner who appreciates architecture and the spirit of good design.

Spotlights® doorglass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Spotlights


Time-honored designs

French Provincial

Fads come and go, but classic designs are always in style. Our Classic Collection offers timeless masterpieces with traditional elements such as floral designs and diamond patterns. Choose from a rich variety of doorglass styles that will provide enduring beauty and lasting value for your home.

Expressions doorglass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Classic


Refreshing styles for today

Urban Loft

Our Contemporary Collection is for the homeowner who lives in the now. The collection reflects a modern design sensibility, featuring door glass with sleek styles and sculptural forms, quiet patterns and bold statements—all with an appropriately contemporary twist. Perfect for keeping your home's entry fresh and current.

Renewed Impressions doorglass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Contemporary


Natural style, crafted beauty

Arts & Crafts

Our Craftsman Collection celebrates the art of handiwork and the beauty of natural materials. Each doorglass design expresses simplicity of form through balanced, geometric patterns that will blend gracefully with the inside and outside of your home.

Oak Park doorglass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Craftsman

Old World

Historical motifs translated for today


An appreciation for the aged and elegant, for the beauty of raw materials shaped into fine forms in the hands of skilled artisans. Our Old World Collection is for homeowners who prefer wrought iron and rich patinas over highly polished finishes, and ornamental scrolling over geometric patterns. This collection features a number of designs that will blend beautifully with the old world architecture of your home.

Jacinto doorglass design
ODL decorative door glass styles - Old World