Severe Weather Door Glass


Safe. Sound. Secure. Certified.

If you live in a hurricane zone or other high-wind area, ODL Severe Weather door glass provides a beautiful, hurricane safe solution for your entry doors.

ODL Severe Weather door glass is certified for use in a range of entrance systems to meet Florida wind-borne requirements in areas where wind speeds can exceed 180 mph. Severe Weather door glass meets DP±66 wind and missile impact code requirements and Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorist blast standards.

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Severe Weather Frame

ODL Severe Weather door glass features an aluminum hurricane impact flat profile frame. The frame is available in a white powder coat finish that meets AAMA 2604 and salt spray requirements.

Flat profile for a wider range of architectural applications.

Low 3/8" profile.

Longer screws reduce potential strip out.

Flat screw hole covers install flush to frame.

White powder coat finish on aluminum frame can be painted.

Uses Dow 995 sealant for added breakthrough debris resistance on frame-to-glass track. Wet caulk seal is used on the door-to-glass tracks allowing for quicker installation.

Meets Florida Severe Weather requirements ±66 DP.

Product certification information available under FBC approval: FL14935.5, FL14935.6, FL14935.7, and FL14935.8.

ODL Severe Weather aluminum powder coated frame
Severe Weather powder coated aluminum, flat profile frame

The Added Value of Noise Suppression

Severe Weather door glass reduces sound transmission. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) value for ODL Severe Weather door glass is 35 for clear glass and 38 for decorative glass, and is independent of doorglass size. Third party test reports are available.

Missile Impact Testing

ODL Severe Weather Door Glass - missile impact testing
ODL Severe Weather Door Glass - missile impact testing
ODL Severe Weather Door Glass - missile impact testing

ODL Severe Weather door glass in all insulated glass configurations and sizes is certified for use in Florida's Wind-borne Debris Region and High Velocity Hurricane Zone. Products are certified to meet Missile Level D requirements, i.e., impacted twice with a 9-pound 2x4 board shot at 50 feet/second (34 mph), then subjected to positive and negative design pressures.

The High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) is Miami-Dade and Broward counties; they require testing to TAS 201, 202, and 203.

View the Severe Weather doorglass products video (2:02).

View the missile impact testing video (0:29).