Glass Overview


Tempered Glass

All ODL doorglass products use tempered glass that meets the requirements of ANSI Z97.1.

Tempered glass is produced from annealed glass using a heat resistant process. Tempered glass is up to four times as impact resistant as annealed glass. If broken, tempered glass shatters into many small fragments, which prevents major injuries.

ODL tempered glass

Decorative Door Glass

ODL uses textured handcrafted door glass to achieve a variety of decorative effects and privacy ratings. All ODL textured glass is qualified for use in specific designs that go through rigorous slam and ship testing. Decorative door glass has a third inner panel sealed between two tempered glass outer panels for airtight, watertight performance. Silk screened or frosted glass is typically made with only two tempered glass panels. Slight bubbles, lines and surface imperfections are all characteristics of decorative doorglass textures and help distinguish the light transmitted into the home.

ODL decorative door glass

Clear Door Glass

Clear door glass is constructed of two panels of tempered glass and is sealed and insulated for airtight, watertight performance. Clear door glass is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and options like grilles between glass or external grilles. Clear door glass is also available with a Low-E glass coating.

ODL Low-E Door Glass - Summer energy efficiency

In Summer, Low-E glass:

  • Reduces direct sun rays
  • Reduces cooling loss
  • Blocks re-radiated solar heat
  • Filters UV rays

ODL Low-E Door Glass - Winter energy efficiency

In Winter, Low-E glass:

  • Allows solar energy in
  • Reduces as much as 71% of heat loss
  • Reduces drafts and cold spots

Privacy Door Glass

Privacy door glass is constructed of two panels of tempered glass and is sealed and insulated for airtight, watertight performance. Privacy door glass is available in Blanca, Cumulus, Geo-Tex, Micro-Granite, Mosaic, Rain, Streamed, and Vapor textured glass designs.

ODL privacy door glass

Doorglass Blinds

Enclosed Blinds are sealed and insulated between two panels of tempered glass for airtight, watertight performance. ODL Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds are constructed with two outer panels of tempered glass with a third inner glass panel.

ODL doorglass blinds

Severe Weather Laminated Door Glass

ODL decorative doorglass, doorglass blinds, and grilles between glass are sealed between impact-resistant laminated glass on the exterior, and tempered glass on the interior. ODL Severe Weather door glass meets DP±66 to DP±80 wind and impact code requirements.

ODL severe weather laminated glass
Laminated Glass uses 3 layers
0.125" Glass Panel
0.090" PVB Inner Layer
0.125" Glass Panel

Turtle Code Compliant Door Glass

Thousands of marine turtles nest in U.S. coastal areas. State and local ordinances protect hatchling turtles by limiting the brightness of inside-to-outside visible light transmittance. ODL's severe weather product line includes tinted gray door glass that meets these code requirements. Turtle code compliant door glass

ODL turtle code compliant door glass