Custom Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answer to our most frequently asked questions about ODL Custom products. If you still have questions or would like more information please contact us.



Can you change the glass colors or obscurity of the designs shown?

Yes, everything we do is custom, and can be changed! You can choose from any of our glass options, or you can contact our quoting department at 614-539-8740, or email us at, if you have any questions or special requests.

Can you make units using glass types other than what’s shown on your website?

Yes. We can also use any of Spectrum Glass’s products. If you need a glass type that is not shown, please contact Many glass types are available only upon special request. Note, certain glass types are too thick for some applications.

Can I design my own decorative glass panel?

Yes. It’s as simple as sketching on a piece of paper exactly what you want. Please then scan and email your drawing to, and we’ll produce a CAD drawing along with a quote.

Can I change the metal/caming in the design?

Yes, you can choose from any of our 8 caming selections.

Can I have more than one groove width and style on my grooved decorative glass panel?

Yes. Please choose which grooves you want to change, and where you would like them, and submit to to get a quote.



Do your insulated panels comply with IGMA certification, and NFRC requirements?

Yes, our panels are IGMA certified, and in compliance with NFRC requirements.

Do you make Dual Insulated panels? What thicknesses do they come in?

Yes, we offer Dual Pane units with several different glass selections. Thicknesses come in ½”-1” overall. Please contact for additional information regarding glass selections.

What are the Limitations on a piece of Decorative glass?

We can build anything up to 25 square feet.

What thicknesses do decorative insulated units come in?

Our Decorative Insulated units come in ¾”, 7/8” & 1” overall thicknesses. Other thickness are available, just ask.

Do you do custom shapes?

Yes. We can make any custom shapes for Insulated Units as well as Non-insulated panels. In order to make some shapes, we would need either a physical template or an AutoCad File drawing.

What is the warranty on Insulated Glass Panels from ODL Custom Solutions?

Warranty covers 10 years for seal failure.



How does my unit(s) ship, and does my quote include this cost?

Our prices are FOB ODL, Grove City, Ohio. All Freight and crate costs are included in quotes, with the exception to larger orders. Additional special crate and freight may need to be added to accommodate larger quantities.

What happens if I receive my panel broken?

We take extra care in packaging our products to ensure this problem does not occur, but in the event it happens, you’ll need to file a freight claim and re-order. We will expedite your re-order if at all possible.

What is the crate charge and is it per unit shipped?

The crate charge is to help pay for the materials needed to protect your purchase during shipping. We charge a $30 crate charge per ORDER, not per crate built.

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