We threw out the decorative glass rule book for a design in two color palettes that adds a one-of-a-kind piece of art to an entryway.



Capturing an optimistic moment

"My favorite thing about Celebration is how well it balances sophistication and fun."

Corporate Glass Designer Katie Sponseller takes us behind the design of this exciting doorglass.


A little something special

Cheerful, welcoming and totally innovative, Celebration is created with a new glass fusion process that means no two pieces of glass are identical.

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Celebration's two color palettes take inspiration from the natural world. The warm tones of Earth add to the welcoming atmosphere of your front door, and Ocean mimics beach glass for a soothing feel.


Available in Craftsman doorlight sizes and in the Spotlights® collection, Celebration adds a pop of color and personality to homes of any style. The 7" x 64" doorlight and sidelight size includes coordinating caming.


Celebration doorlights come in three frames based on size: the style-accurate Craftsman frame, configurable Spotlights frame and best-performing ZEEL® frame. Each is designed to complement both the glass and the door.

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