Decorative Doorglass: Artisan Stylized Glass That Makes an Entrance

Decorative stylized glass has changed and is changing, and there’s more to decorative glass than the beveled options that most homeowners and builders are familiar with.

Decorative door glass uses patterns, texture, and color to create visual patterns. In contemporary residential design, camed glass adds privacy and visual interest and this art form is a huge part of the decorative and privacy glass industry.

Despite its long history, decorative stylized glass is always changing, and there’s more to decorative glass than the beveled options that most consumers and builders are familiar with. If you or your clients are looking for unique, timeless, or trending options for front door glass, you’re in the right place.

ODL has an industry legacy of creating stunning doorglass designs, no matter what your taste or style, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of emerging trends while maintaining our appreciation of the camed glass craft. Keep reading to learn more.


What is Camed Glass?

Camed glasswork involves using metal strips to join cut or colored glass to create a pattern. The metal used to join the glass pieces is called the caming and these pieces are soldered together to create a single piece. Then, the decorative glass design can be incorporated into many architectural design elements, from the soaring stained-glass windows of churches and cathedrals to a doorglass insert that brings character to an entryway.

How is ODL's Camed Decorative Glass Made?

Remarkably, the process of making camed doorglass is similar to the way it was made centuries ago. Metal caming is used to secure cut pieces of glass to each other, creating a pattern. However, our modern caming uses H-shaped aluminum pieces instead of lead or other metals. These pieces are soldered and sealed to create a strong design. 

The camed glass panel, also known as a quarter panel, is then sealed between two additional layers of tempered safety glass, offering enhanced protection and thermal performance. 

Our Industry Legacy

For over 75 years, ODL has been proud to equip builders, homeowners, and building suppliers with the highest quality doorglass available on the market. We don’t cut corners at any point in the process: from research to design, manufacturing to safety testing. Our glass is at once artisanal and highly functional, so you can trust it will not only look great and reflect your style, but continue to perform to the highest standards for many years to come. And because we offer the largest selection of decorative glass in the industry, we’re sure you’ll find a design you love in our catalog. And, if you can’t, we have the ability to make it custom through Kenyon’s Glass. It’s that simple.


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Camed Decorative Glass is Evolving and Dynamic

Many consumers associate camed, decorative glass with traditional designs. At ODL, we celebrate decorative glass’ traditions and its bright future.  

Traditional Camed Glass

The practice of using metal caming to create patterns in glass is nothing new. In fact, the craft can be traced back to 12th century Germany. Materials used in caming often included lead, copper, brass, and zinc. 

Initially, camed glass designs were only used in cathedrals and other religious buildings. However, over time, camed glass became a sign of wealth and sophistication. 

Modern Design Movements Embrace Stylized Glass

As the practice and technology became more accessible, camed glasswork and stained glass became hallmarks of more modern design movements.  

During the 19th century, decorative glass became easier and less expensive to make. Technological advances inspired architects and artists, especially during the art nouveau and arts and crafts movements.  

  • Art nouveau: Camed and stylized glass from this era is characterized by long, fluid lines that draw inspiration from international artists and the natural world.  
  • Arts and crafts: Louis Comfort Tiffany and other artists used beveled and stained glass to depict natural elements and geometric designs. 
  • Mid-century modern: Designers took the clean lines of arts and crafts and prairie-style camed glass and combined them with bright pops of color, minimalist design, and bold sidelights. 

Camed and stained glass became a mainstay in many homes and buildings. Now, it’s not uncommon for camed glass to be a feature of front doors of homes across the country and world.  

The Future of Stylized Glass

Stylized entry door glass is an effective solution that allows homeowners to maintain privacy without sacrificing natural light. The contemporary camed doorglass most consumers are familiar with includes classic beveled glass, natural textures, wrought iron, pops of color, and geometric designs.  

However, as trends change, modern camed glass is slowly becoming increasingly streamlined, and sleek.  

Like the rest of the art, design, and interiors world, doorglass design is always changing. As we look to the future, these trends will emerge and define the next few years: 

  • Color: Modern homeowners tend to like color and contrast. Emerging trends show that stated color options, like striking blues and grays, are at the forefront of the next design wave. 
  • Crossbuck: Cathedral architecture with crossbuck accents are a current home trend in both interior and exteriors. You may know crossbuck architecture as “barn door” style, but as this trend evolves, sleek and modern options are also available.  
  • Patterns: The future is bright—and full of textures and patterns! Designs using exciting gradating patterns, subtle pops of color, mixed patterns with multiple textures, and are on the horizon.  
  • Geometric: Simple, linear patterns are becoming extraordinarily popular, and linear patterns make this style timeless and sleek.


What to Look for in Camed, Stylized Glass

Privacy Ratings

ODL uses a new standardized test to determine the privacy rating of glass. A machine called a spectophotometer sends light waves through all of the sections in a glass design. The resulting readings are then used to calculate the precise privacy rating:

  • Low Privacy
  • Medium Privacy
  • High Privacy
  • Maximum Privacy

Doorglass That's Made to Last

In the real world, doors aren’t treated gently. They are slammed, shoved, and loved. That’s why ODL uses robust testing methods to ensure that its doorglass inserts are durable. 

Each of our products undergoes intensive testing, including a 50,000 slam cycle test. These tests, which go above and beyond the industry standards, make sure that our camed designs won’t break or rattle excessively with normal use.


ODL’s Approach to Camed Stylized Entryway Glass

ODL’s camed and stylized doorglass embrace the craft’s long and rich history. All our camed glass products are designed and made by artisans who are deeply invested in international trends, home design, and craft of camed glass. 


ODL’s camed entryway glass is made with quality materials that offer a resilient, beautiful product designed to stand the test of time and style.  

  • Triple paned glass: After joining the cut glass pieces together with caming, we seal this layer between two additional panes of tempered safety glass. This triple-paned approach adds strength, durability and increased thermal performance.  
  • Durable aluminum caming: Aluminum caming is light, strong, and offers homeowners, designers, and builders a wide selection of finish options for their camed glass projects. 
  • Elevated color options: Color, contrast, and pattern are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, especially millennials. Our doorglass color options elevate your home’s look and feel and show off your style while adding a layer of visual protection and privacy to your living spaces.


  • ODL invests in research. Design is always changing. As the leader in stylized glass, we continually research emerging and tried-and-true design features. No matter what the regional style is, there’s an option that suits your home and your personal taste.
  • ODL receives monthly trends reports​: As a global company, we have the resources and capability to monitor trends from around the world—especially because these trends inevitably end up installed in your front door. From Paris and Berlin, to Miami and Charleston we know what’s hot—and what will be in the future. 
  • Conduct design preference research: Design preferences vary by region. Doorglass that harmonizes with the architecture of the Southwest, for example, isn’t always contextually appropriate for places like Florida or the Midwest. We’re continually researching to discover regional preferences and deliver exceptional products to meet consumers’ needs. Notably, we offer architecturally relevant designs, like Spotlights®, Elegant Star, Mediterranean, and Mohave. (But, we have plenty of other designs to choose from!) 

Industry-Defining Selection

For years, ODL has led the industry in stylized glass. We’re proud to offer the widest selection of camed doorglass in the industry, but you’ll never catch us resting on our laurels. Because we care so much about giving consumers the selection they need, we’re always working on new designs and styles for builders, homeowners, and suppliers to choose from to boost their curb appeal.  

Impact Decorative Doorglass

We know how important safety is to you. That’s why many of ODL’s camed doorglass styles are available in impact glass so your home is as safe as it is beautiful. Options include: 

Our Severe Weather glass is rated to withstand pressure changes, impact, humidity, sound, temperature fluctuations, and more. Learn more about our impact doorglass options, including decorative glass.


The Biggest Misconception About Camed Doorglass: You Can’t Update Glass Once It’s Installed

When you’re choosing the design elements in your home, it can feel like a lot of pressure to pick the “right” accents and fixtures—and when you don’t get to choose those features, it can make the process frustrating, or make you feel like you have to live with something that isn’t “you.”  

However, what most people don’t realize is that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to swap out the decorative glass in your front door.  

If the glass that came with your front door isn’t to your taste or style, doesn’t suit your home’s architecture, or you simply want a refresh, you can update the glass inserts without needing to replace the entire door. All you need to do is make sure the new glass you want to install is the same size or larger than the glass you currently have. Once you have a design in mind, a professional can help you install the new glass in your existing door.  

Doorglass isn’t something you have to live with forever. Like the paint on your walls or hardware on your cabinets, you can change your glass in your exterior door as often as you like—and ODL is here to help. 

How to Find the Decorative Doorglass for Your Taste and Home's Style

When you’re ready to update the look and feel of your front door, you probably find yourself turning big box store options. These stores need to cater to a broad audience, so if you’re frustrated by a lack of selection, you’re not alone. In this scenario, you have a few options for finding the doorglass of your dreams: 

  • Ask to see the special-order catalog: The options on the floor usually cater to the broadest consumer audience. If you can’t find your style, you don’t have to compromise or go home empty-handed. Most retailers have special-order catalogs with plenty of options that offer more designs than what they regularly stock.  
  • Visit a specialty retailer: If you’re looking for a unique design, your best bet is to visit a retailer that specializes in doors and glass offerings. If you are looking for high-end, unique, or designer options, look for a doorglass retailer that offers a broad selection—including special and custom order options.  
  • Create a custom design with ODL: When you’re struggling to find a design that matches your vision, sometimes the only thing to do is realize that vision yourself. Kenyon’s Glass, an ODL company, is happy to work with you to create a custom doorglass design that suits your home’s architecture, matches your personal style, and will be something you love for years to come. 


Learn More and Shop ODL Camed Decorative Glass

At ODL, we’ve been making door glass for generations. Whether you or your customers are in the market for impact glass, the latest textures, low-E products, or leading-edge decorative glass styles, we have the right solution for you. To learn more, browse our decorative glass catalog for our full stylized doorglass offerings. 

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