Non-impact Standards

Doorglass Non-impact Component Approval

All sizes and styles of ODL door glass have Florida Statewide Approval through the Florida Building Commission (FBC). ODL door glass has FBC Product Approval which allows substitution in any glazed door or sidelight.

No additional testing is required. Both the original approval and the component approval will need to be provided to the building inspector. For more information on FBC component approval, please visit Florida Department of Community Affairs.

ODL door glass has the following non-impact approval per the Florida Building Commission:

FL15260-R5 and FL 20335-R1—All ODL door glass (decorative door glass, clear door glass, Enclosed Blinds) in various frame styles of FiberMate®, FiberPro®, or HP resins

FL14440-R3—Vent door light with screen assembly


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