Doorglass Frame Overview


Doorglass Frames Enhance Entry Door Performance

The long-term performance of an exterior door with a glass insert is dependent upon the doorglass framing system. Just as every building and remodeling project is different, so are specialized doorglass framing systems. ODL frames are durable, flexible and available in several different visual finishes, to meet distinct market needs. They are manufactured with high-performance resin that requires less long-term maintenance, and are engineered for quick installation for a variety of exterior door applications.

Choose the right doorglass frame for your application. Compare ODL doorglass frames.

ODL Doorglass Frame
ODL Doorglass Frame

Doorglass Frame Leadership

For nearly 70 years, ODL has been manufacturing top-rated door glass and framing systems. ODL understands the importance of material selection in the manufacturing of high-quality products including doorglass frames. That means choosing the right resin to prevent unwanted cracking, warping and deformation. Material selection is driven by a combination of factors, including cost targets and performance requirements. Rigorous third party testing also assures that product performance meets design intent. ODL frames are tested to meet the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for windows, doors and skylights, including structural integrity and resistance to water penetration, air leakage, and forced entry. ODL products not only meet NAFS standards, but they surpass them, thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing. ODL doorglass frames rival the competition, particularly in the area of sealant performance, and include patented features.

slam testing
Slam Testing
water testing
Water Testing
quality frame material
Quality Frame Material

ODL Doorglass Frames Solve Problems

Every day builders, remodelers, and homeowners deal with problems caused by the wrong frame for the wrong application. Quality problems such as squeeze out, scalloping, corner flare and yellowing are common occurrences. Couple these with misaligned screw hole plugs and poor energy efficiency, and the wrong frame can cost you additional time and effort.

We have the frame you need to reduce maintenance issues and gain greater customer satisfaction. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of frame materials and profiles to meet every customer's needs. Our framing systems offer everything from maintenance-free to high-heat resistant to architecturally correct solutions.

squeeze out
Squeeze Out
corner flare
Corner Flare
frame yellowing
Frame Yellowing