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09.2019 ODL, Inc. Introduces Improved Doorglass Frame Line, ZEEL
06.2019 Simulated Divided Light Glass Options from ODL
05.2019 ODL Announces New National Marketing Manager
05.2019 ODL Reorganizes Western Region Sales Team
03.2019 ODL Offers Grilles Between Glass Products
01.2019 Resolve® Sealant Offers Alternative to Traditional Wet Glaze Options
07.2018 ODL Introduces Enclosed Blinds Color Collection - New blinds-in-glass collection available in four colors
06.2018 ODL Appoints New Eastern Regional Sales Manager
06.2018 ODL Offers New Rain, Baroque Textures of SDL Doorglass 
05.2018 ODL Expands Executive Team
03.2018 ODL Adds New Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Retail and OEM Channel
02.2018 ODL Leads Blinds-In-Glass Industry With Safety Certifications from Two Organizations
02.2018 ODL Adds Flat Profile Door Frame to Severe Weather Collection
02.2018 ODL Achieves Great Place to Work® Certification 
01.2018 ODL's New Dialogue Layered Glass Offers Privacy in Aesthetic Patterns
08.2017 ODL Announces New Updates to EVOLVE Framing
12.2016 ODL Expands Low-E Decorative Doorglass Offering

Perspectives Textured Doorglass Line Offers New Privacy Options

12.2016 Destination Doorglass Line Offers Minimalist Aesthetics
10.2016 ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors Blinds Control Light, Privacy 
08.2016 Spotlights® Doorglass Designs Offer Architects Front Door Versatility in Authenticity and Customization 
10.2015 ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors, Enclosed Blinds Control Light, Privacy 
06.2015 Enhanced Offering Maximizes EVOLVE Doorglass Framing Systems’ Value, Appeal

ODL in the News

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10.2019 LBM Journal Features ZEEL™
10.2019 ODL Featured in Window & Door 
09.2019 ODL Receives Coverage in Glass on Web
08.2019 SDL Continues to Receive Coverage

ODL Receives Coverage in Door & Window Market Magazine

SDL Styles Receive Coverage in Builder Magazine

Beaufort and Davidson Receive More Coverage

07.2019 ODL Receives Ample Coverage in Window & Door Magazine
06.2019 National Marketing Manager Appointment Receives Coverage
06.2019 Grilles Between Glass Receives Coverage
05.2019 Western Region Sales Team Receives Coverage
04.2019 Grilles Between Glass Featured on Window & Door
03.2019 retrofit Website Features ODL
02.2019 ODL Featured in Door & Window Market Magazine IBS Review
02.2019 ODL in Online Window & Door Article
11.2018 ODL Featured in Door & Window Market Magazine
10.2018 ODL Featured in U.S. Glass
09.2018 ODL Featured in Qualified Remodeler
08.2018 ODL Receives Mention in Building Products Digest
08.2018 Dialogue Layered Glass™ Receives Mention in Designer Dream Homes
08.2018 SDL Textured Glass Receives Mention in Architectural West
07.2018 Enclosed Blinds Color Collection Featured on Window & Door Magazine Website
07.2018 Dialogue Selected as July 2018 LBM Journal Product Pick
07.2018 Dialogue Layered Glass Patterns Featured in US Glass
06.2018 Andrew Arnsman Appointment Receives Coverage in Door & Window Market Magazine
05.2018 George Rowader Appointment Featured on US Glass Magazine Website
05.2018 Dialogue Layered Glass™ Featured in Merchant Magazine
05.2018 ODL Mentioned on Door & Window Market Magazine Website for George Rowader Appointment
05.2018 Doorglass Trends in LBM Journal
03.2018 ODL Receives Mention in ProSales Magazine
03.2018 ODL Receives Mention in Door & Window Market Magazine
03.2018 ODL's Safety Certifications and Jamison Eige Appointment Included in Grand Rapids Business Journal
03.2018 ODL Receives Mention for Appointment of Jamison Eige
03.2018 Destination Door Glass Featured in Professional Builder Magazine
02.2018 ODL Great Place to Work Certification Featured in the Holland Sentinel
02.2018 ODL Great Place to Work Certification included in Grand Rapids Business Journal
02.2018 ODL Receives Mention on
01.2018 ODL's Evolve Doorglass: A Reader's Choice Product That Stood Out in 2017
05.2017 ODL Feature Published in Window & Door Magazine
05.2017 ODL Commentary featured in LBM Journal
03.2017 ODL’s Destination Doorglass featured in Professional Builder
03.2017 ODL’s Destination Doorglass featured in LBM Journal
02.2017 ODL Steals Two Spots in Door & Window Market Magazine
01.2017 Destination Doorglass Line Makes Debut in Qualified Remodeler
11.2016 Spotlights® Doorglass is “Hot” in Door & Window Market Magazine
10.2016 Today’s Homeowner Showcasing Add-On Blinds for Doors in Upcoming Home Renovation
09.2016 Spotlights® and Perspectives Textured Doorglass Collections Included in Pre-WMA Roundup
05.2016 ODL Talks Door and Window Trends in May Issue of LBM Journal
03.2016  Latest Perspectives Designs Captured in New Products Round-Up by Qualified Remodeler

Building Products Digest Publishes ODL Industry Leadership Byline in February Issue

02.2016 Publishes “Selling to Today’s Buyers” White Paper
11.2015 ODL Comments on Decorative Doorglass Trends in Door & Window Market
09.2015 ODL's Evolve Featured in LBM Journal
09.2015 ODL Featured in Qualified Remodeler
09.2015 ODL's Evolve Featured in DWM

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