Privacy (Opacity)


Add Beauty, Dimension, and Privacy to Your Entry Doors

doorglass privacy level - low

Low privacy

Privacy Rating = 0-3
doorglass privacy level - low

doorglass privacy level - medium

Medium privacy

Privacy Rating = 4-6
doorglass privacy level - medium

doorglass privacy level - high

High privacy

Privacy Rating = 7-10
doorglass privacy level - high

Doorglass Privacy Ratings

Our glass privacy ratings help you choose the glass that provides the right level of privacy for your home. Privacy glass levels are determined by a calculation of the amount and placement of the textures in a specific design. Clear glass is transparent and offers a low level of privacy, and allows a clear view through the glass into and out of the home. Designs with a medium level of privacy are achieved through combinations of clear and opaque glass in the design and offer partial obscurity. Opaque or highly textured glass, with its high level of privacy, allows the view of shadows and color with no distinguishable shapes.

Use the ODL Doorglass Selector to browse through designs based on glass privacy ratings.

Doorglass Textures

ODL offers a wide variety of textured doorglass designs. If privacy is your goal, select your favorite ODL design featuring opaque textured glass. If you like to see things "clearly," simply choose a more translucent design.