Evolve® Frame in High Performance (HP) White Material


The ODL Evolve® frame in high performance material provides superior rigidity and eliminates bothersome squeeze-out through the use of Resolve® sealant. Resolve® sealant, a one-part thermoset foam seal results in consistently high-quality application and superior long-term performance when compared to traditional glazing methods. This latest innovation reduces scalloping, corner flare, and warping. The white Evolve® HP frame does not require finishing.

ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material
ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material

Painting & Staining

For use in applications where painting and staining are not required.

Will not discolor; no need to paint or stain.

If painting or staining are required, an adhesion promoter is required.

Frame Features

Uses Resolve® sealant.

Unique frame rib and Galaxy screw-boss design.

Auto-aligning screw hole plugs.

Traditional Colonial profile design.

UV resistant.

ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material - keyed screw hole plug seat
Keyed Screw Hole Plug Seat
ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material - auto-aligning screw hole plug
Auto-aligning Screw Hole Plug
ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material - installed screw hole plug
Installed Screw Hole Plug

Problems Solved

ODL HP material prevents frame yellowing.

HP material does not need to be finished, eliminating the cost of painting or staining.

The unique frame rib construction and placement of the Galaxy screw bosses reduce scalloping and corner flare that occur with other frame systems.

Resolve® sealant results in a consistent, controlled doorglass installation process. Dry sealant avoids the pitfalls of inconsistent wet glaze installation.

When damaged doorglass occurs, the pliable re-usable seal means damaged doorglass can be replaced without replacing the entire frame.

The problems associated with traditional, hard-to-install screw hole plugs are eliminated with auto-aligning and self-seating Evolve® screw-hole plugs.

ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material - Galaxy screw bosses
Galaxy Screw Bosses
ODL Evolve Frame in HP white material - Resolve sealant
Resolve® Sealant