Energy Efficiency


Add Natural Light and Reduce your Energy Costs

Many ODL door glass products feature two outer panels of tempered glass with a sealed, insulated airspace for airtight and watertight performance. Choose ODL door glass to enhance the energy efficiency of your door.


ODL is proud to be an ENERGY STAR stakeholder. ODL door glass can be used in doors to meet ENERGY STAR thermal performance criteria. Thermal performance ratings are determined for a fixed set of conditions and specifications.

Use the ODL Doorglass Selector to browse through designs that can be used when designing an ENERGY STAR certified entry door or sidelight. ENERGY STAR compliant when used with an ENERGY STAR qualified entry door or sidelight


Look for Low-E

Low-E glass is available as an option for clear or decorative glass, and can be used with our Enclosed Blinds.

Our Low-E glass is made with an invisible thin metallic hard coating that reduces heat flow. Low-E + glass is made with two thin metallic soft coatings, that offer additional reduction of heat flow.

Use the ODL Doorglass Selector to browse through designs. Look for designs available with Low-E or Low-E + for added energy efficiency. Low-E door glass available Low-E + door glass available

ODL Low-E Door Glass - Summer energy efficiency

In Summer, Low-E glass:

  • Reduces direct sun rays
  • Reduces cooling loss
  • Blocks re-radiated solar heat
  • Filters UV rays

ODL Low-E Door Glass - Winter energy efficiency

In Winter, Low-E glass:

  • Allows solar energy in
  • Reduces as much as 71% of heat loss
  • Reduces drafts and cold spots

Other benefits of Low-E:

  • Blocks ultra-violet rays, reducing fabric and carpet fading
  • Reduces condensation

Learn more about the energy efficiency, code compliance, and performance of ODL door glass.