Enhance Style and Protect Entryways with ODL Severe Weather Doorglass

Homes located in hurricane and high-velocity wind areas typically install bulky, uninviting storm shutters, but builders and remodelers have other options. ODL, Inc., a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear doorglass and entry treatments, offers an extensive collection of decorative Severe Weather Doorglass that not only provides safe, effective doorglass, but also offers stylish designs to complement any aesthetic.

ODL’s Severe Weather Doorglass includes elegant yet durable designs that sustain winds over 180 mph. Featuring ODL’s patented hurricane impact frame design, the doorglass has impact-resistant laminated glass on the exterior and tempered safety glass on the interior. The glass is thermally sealed for airtight, watertight performance. The collection includes several doorglass styles, including decorative, clear, privacy and sea turtle code compliant gray doorglass, grilles between glass and Light-Touch® blinds.
“Our line of Severe Weather Doorglass offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative with extreme durability and strength,” says Roger Finch, senior distributor channel marketing manager, ODL, Inc. “By installing our products, builders and remodelers no longer need to cover their glass with bulky storm shutters and can instead showcase the beauty of the home entryway.”
In the decorative doorglass category, ODL offers 17 distinct designs that feature severe weather doorglass technology, inlcuding two of ODL’s newest 2015 designs – Memoria and Renewed Impressions. Memoria offers a medium level of privacy with its classic bevel design, while Renewed Impressions features an elegant, textured surface for hightened homeowner privacy. Severe Weather designs are offered in Craftsman, Old World, Classic, Contemporary and Eclectic styles and are available in sizes ranging from quarter, half, three-quarter and full doorlight and sidelight. Also, select decorative Severe Weather Doorglass can fit with 8-foot doorlights and sidelights.
For homes that require a simpler design, ODL offers privacy and clear Severe Weather Doorglass. Tinted privacy doorglass allows for a secluded retreat, while clear doorglass offers a contemporary, transparent feel. These severe weather styles are available in a range of quarter, half, three-quarter and full doorlight sizes as well as full sidelight. ODL's severe weather products also include tinted gray glass that meets codes designed to protect hatchling sea turtles from moving toward artificial light.
The Severe Weather Doorglass collection features two types of grilles between glass – traditional and prairie style. Both styles are offered in sizes from half to full doorlight. Finally, ODL’s Light-Touch blinds offer the added benefit of severe weather protection as well. The blinds are enclosed between two panes of Severe Weather Doorglass and are controlled via the LightTouch® control system, which allows users to raise, lower and tilt the enclosed blinds at the touch of a finger. Light-Touch blinds are available in half and full doorlight, including 8-foot full doorlight.
ODL Severe Weather Doorglass is approved for use in a range of entrance systems to meet Texas and Florida wind-borne requirements, meeting the DP 65-80 wind and missile impact code requirements for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

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Severe Weather Gray Glass
Severe Weather Gray Glass

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