Add-on Blinds for Doors


What's your Style?

It's easy to paint the frame of your Add-on Blinds for Doors to complement your entryway decor. While the high-performance frame will never require painting, it welcomes any color you choose as you create your personal entryway decor.

The frame is easily painted with acrylic latex enamel, or stainable with a gel stain.

Simple to Maintain

ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors are virtually maintenance-free. Clean the glass surfaces of the unit and your existing door window prior to installation...and that's about it! If you should wish to clean the glass, the blinds may be taken down to do so.

Captured between glass, the enclosed door blinds will never need dusting. Less dust reduces exposure to allergies.

What Happens if I Get Condensation on My Door Glass?

Interior condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. The following is a quick guide to appropriate humidity levels:

Maximum recommended humidity levels
(based on inside home temperature of 70°F)
Outside temperature °F Inside humidity
20°F to 40°F Not over 40%
10°F to 20°F Not over 30%
0°F to 10°F Not over 25%
-20°F to 0°F Not over 20%
Below -20°F Not over 15%

If your door glass has interior condensation, you may remove the filler strips on each side of the frame to facilitate air circulation. Alternatively, you might choose to reduce the humidity level in your home (by, for example, reducing or eliminating humidifiers). Condensation does not indicate a defect in the Add-on Blind unit and will not damage it.