Features & Benefits


ODL Enclosed Blinds add style to your patio door, French doors, or other exterior entry door while providing privacy. Enclosed Blinds allow you to direct or block light.

No Dusting. Maintenance Free.

ODL Enclosed Blinds are enclosed between panels of glass so there's no need to dust. Less dust reduces exposure to allergies. ODL enclosed door glass is weather-cycle tested to keep moisture and humidity out.

ODL Enclosed Blinds require no dusting and are maintenance free

Built to Last

Learn about ODL's 20-year Enclosed Blinds warranty. Our Flush Glazed Enclosed Blinds have a 10-year warranty.

ODL Enclosed Blinds have a 20 year warranty

Energy Efficient

ODL Enclosed Blinds offer excellent water and air resistance and are energy efficient. Read more about ODL doorglass product performance and code-compliance.

ODL Enclosed Blinds are energy efficient

Child & Pet Friendly

ODL Enclosed Blinds not only add style to your door, but they add safety as well. Cordless blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, eliminating potential danger from hanging cords.

ODL Enclosed Blinds are child and pet friendly

Easy to Use

ODL Enclosed Blinds feature easily accessible, ergonomically designed controls for easy operation. Fingertip control allows you to raise and lower blinds the entire length of the doorglass—with only the slightest movement required and tilt them a full 180°.

ODL Enclosed Blinds are easy to adjust